How Can I Get Started With An Online Business?

This is a great question and one I get asked all the time.


The first thing you need to do is have some kind of idea for an online business. Head over to Google and search “online business ideas”.


Take notes of what you find, and create a list of options for yourself.


Once you feel like you have enough options, look at your list of options and pick ONE.


You will fail miserably if you try creating more than one business at a time. This takes absolutely ALL of your focus to pull off and be successful, so for now pick ONE. You can always come back and start more. Just keep that list of ideas tucked away some where.


Once you have picked your ONE idea then you need to research how to get started with it. You can do this by buying online courses that will show you, searching YouTube, hiring a mentor, etc.


This is the best answer I can give you without knowing your background, skills, etc. No one can just tell you to do XYZ and you can go be successful with it.


YOU have to put in the initial research and work!


However, I’m a firm believer in you can succeed with ANYTHING you put your mind to. So go find an idea, learn to get started, and GO FOR IT!


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